Silver and Gold
tasting notes

A tale of two rums

Our craft blend of rums are truly a taste of Mauritius in a bottle, we have sourced the finest sugar cane, coconuts and vanilla to produce our unique blend and by combining both column and pot stills in our distillation process we produce a traditional yet modern rum for you to enjoy!

Beach Bum Rum

For those looking for something light and laidback.

Clean and clear in colour with the fresh aromas of banana leaf, young coconut pulp and unsweetend vanilla. It tastes like Mauritius, with flavours of sugarcane, vanilla, coconut pulp, banana leaf, tropical fruits and freshly cut grass. The finish is smooth and lingering like long summer days.

Enjoy it in a cocktail on the beach or serve it with a mixer on the rocks.

Beach Bum Rum Light Rum
Beach Bum Rum Dark Rum

Beach Bum Rum

Sink deeper into your deck chair with this darker option.

Its colour is clean and clear with hints of dark honey. It smells like the sweeter things in life and has the aromas of butterscotch, shortbread, toasted coconut and vanilla. The taste is deep, fresh and laidback with the flavours of caramel apples, vanilla crème brûlée, toasted coconut, dried fruits and freshly ground coffee. The finish is smooth and lingering, drifting away to French toast and raw honey.

Enjoy it in summery cocktails or with a mixer on the rocks.